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Chi sono

Massimiliano Dimaiuta started his career in 1983. From the very first time the love ; the passion and the enthusiasm led him beyond the profession, searching for an incomparable service. In 1992 he opened the first coiffeur salon, where he puts into practice all the lessons learned. In 1999 he realized that the new generation of customers has new expectations. Due to this a new work environment, intended to mark a new era of service, was born: it offers flexitime, unmatched services, a multipurpose facility that changes with the metamorphosis of the same, the choice of highly qualified staff and the cooperation with exclusive brands.. Over the years the brand has become synonymous of art and talent to serve a unique and harmonious beauty. In 2011, his thirty-year history becomes our history. We carry on a philosophy of service evolution in its entirety:

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A real mission through our true essence breathe passion - creating styles. Aware that our customers always have new goals and look for moments of comfort, beauty, be encouraged and receive personal attention, generating unique emotions, everything happens as if it were always the first time. Our salon knows how to listen to them, offering them a proper reception, seductive gestures, an education rich in resources and solutions, thanks to a growing understanding of theoretical/practical services on offer, with a single goal: to lead the customer towards the right customized choice.