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Accademy - Introduction

Comunicazione - gestualità
espressione - passione - cuore

These are the ingredients that have made Massimiliano Dimaiuta a true professional of Coiffure. AUDACITY, TALENT AND LOVE have also helped in his mission - the metamorphosis of creativity; it is this creativity that has contributed to his professional growth over the years.
Aided by his innovative vision and creative motivation, he has collaborated with some of the best teachers of national and international fashion and he is infinitely grateful for the many artistic expressions learnt and for the advice received over the years.
EXPERIENCE, PEDAGOGY, COMMITMENT have permitted him to experiment with success: working in the fashion world, working as a designer, creating fashion photo shoots for editorials and much more….
A career begun and chosen out of his own desire and motivation in 1983, it found him already enthusiastic and his inexhaustible drive and energy has characterised the rest of the way until now.

One of the most fascinating chapters of the Academy’s history is training. Its purpose is not only to give a professional education but also to instil a passion for what one does: "not only is an inspirational Muse important, but it is fundamental, together with experience". Participants are given advice to develop professionally, based on a sound structural foundation, encompassing communication and charm. During the courses one explores and experiments with concepts of the creative energies that are in everyone. From one’s own self-awareness, to overcoming resistance, to facing one’s own goals and then sharing them with your group. To improve capabilities and skills, using techniques constantly evolving. Real tailored educational opportunities, using the topics of each day with a simple and clear style, for new cuts, style, colours, forms... taking shape in your hands. Thus is born an ambitious idea: the profession revisited finding the right way to enjoy true talent. Understand that fashion is not created but it is felt and you can get to it only with the right knowledge! Do not miss this opportunity for you to